UBIS(ASIA) PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED signs the Memorandum of Understanding with Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan) on consultancy, training and calibration cooperation. UBIS(ASIA) Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Piyakun Krittayanukul and TPA President Asst.Prof.Prayoon Shiowattana signs the MOU on 3rd March 2022 at Technology Promotion Association (Thai-Japan) Pattanakarn.

This cooperation would promote the development of organization personnel, enhancing knowledge and skills that are latest and up to date with the ever-changing production technology landscape as well as enhancing work efficiency via various trainings and workshops to develop UBIS (ASIA) operations to highest effectiveness, for example incorporating Kaizen IoT in UBIS(ASIA) processes as a form of Digital Factory Transformation. Additionally, the cooperation involves calibration services of tools and equipment to ensure its quality standards and lastly, the cooperation will also support future business ventures with any agency or organizations in Japan. This MOU signing would benefit both UBIS(ASIA) as well as TPA(Thai-Japan) in terms of information exchange and collaboration in learning and development to maximize growth of various industries in Thailand.