Social Responsibility Activities (After process)

The company and subsidiary company has no effective problems and never been complained or checked by any other sectors. The company also never done something against laws about all of 8 social responsibilities policies significantly.

After Process of Corporate Social Responsibility

UBIS (ASIA) PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED operates under good corporate governance. We have been in business for more than 36 years and have been producing and distributing Sealing Compound products and Lacquer for using in the metal canned industry and bottle cap in food and beverage packaging and other products.

Over the past years, the Company has continuously invented and developed a variety of products and maintain good quality to meet the needs of different Customers. One of the Company’s aspiration is to run a consistent business along with the return back to society in various forms through the activities that demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR continuously throughout activities within internal organization. “UBIS Volunteer Spirit” is one of our pride with employees’ awareness of sharing by informs of monetary, strength, inspiration, and smile to Thai Society whenever Society needs.

The company always carried out CSR activities both inside and outside and our activities in 2020 were giving the school supplies and the gifts on Children’s day to schools around  the Industrial Estate.

The company have activities with the entrepreneurs club of the Samut Sakhon Industrial Estate and the Samut Sakhon Industrial Estate to sharing food with people affected by the COVID-19 situation.

The Little Free Pantry Project to sharing food for people affected by the COVID-19 situation.

Mangrove Planting Activity by employees and management jointly plant mangrove forests at Samut Sakhon Industrial Estate to conserve and maintain mangrove forests to maintain fertility.

Blood Donation by the company’s directors and employees with Industrial Estate Authority of Samut Sakhon on the occasion of importance Day and to be a part of the charitable contributions for human life

Give computers to the school
in the rural areas.