Personnel development

Every staff member is a valuable resource capital prioritized by UBIS with emphases on developing the competencies in various fields, namely training on specialized knowledge development (Hard Skill), management skill development, life skills development (Soft Skill), promotion of working, team cooperation, promotion of good culture, including strengthening a happy working atmosphere. The purposes are to allow personnel to have a good quality of life, self-esteem with readiness to be a key mechanism for driving towards sustainable development. Personnel operations in 2019 were as follows.

1. Work culture

The executives and employees at all levels jointly created, promoted and maintained a good work culture for overall successful goals as follows.

  • Viewing UBIS’s goals as collective targets whereby everyone is an important part, has the roles, responsibilities in pushing for.
  • Good teamwork by considering other departments like internal customers that must receive quality task transfers. Also, the departments that have been assigned tasks must continue to take quality action like customers too.
  • Building love, engagement, greetings, giving counsel on working as well as personal matters
  • Creating a friendly working atmosphere in which all persons are like brothers and sisters. Easy access to the executives
  • Promotion of safety at work
  • Setting up Working Groups so as to promote teamwork and creativity activities
  • Providing opportunities for feedback or complaints for leading to improvements
  • Creating a culture of integrity, cooperation in anti-corruption of all forms
  • Equality, respect for each other’s rights, no discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, religion or background
  • Paying attention to the environment both inside and outside the community
  • Against drug use of all forms

2. Personnel development training

In 2019, UBIS developed personnel at all levels, including internal training and dispatch to attend a total of 63 training courses with external institutions, totaling 3,412 training hours, representing 1.23 percent of all employees. The details of reporting on the number of training hours during the years 2017-2019 are as follows.

Number of training hours 2017 2018 2019
Total employee training hours 2,592 2,994 2,592
• Number of training hours for executive level/person/year 51 55 17
• Number of training hours for manager level/person/year 45 44 62
• Number of training hours for supervisor and employee level/person/year 20 20 23

3. Happy Workplace Project

UBIS was given a grant from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth) and the consultants from the Thai Garment Industry Development Foundation (SHARE) to create the Happy Workplace Project. The objectives are to create a happy organization and be a model organization of happiness through activities or projects organized by a working group trained by the Project consultants. The nature of the activities emphasizes participation and willingness of employees at all levels by creating a balance of happiness in 8 dimensions, viz. health, relaxation, moral/spirit, work, finance, society, family and curiosity to learn.

The examples of projects or activities carried out are as follows.

  • Project to reduce disease, reduce belly, promote exercise and healthy food choices
  • Cozy Eco Farm Project: Creating relaxation for employees by growing homegrown vegetables on the empty space around the factories and saving household expenses
  • Traditional activities, e.g. Songkran, important religious days, Loi Krathong, etc.
  • Happiness-sharing friend activity: Creating smiles and happiness by giving good things to buddies
  • Stationery Pool Project (Punsuk Station): Sharing stationery equipment, tools
  • An office that has more than necessaries for others. Helping to save the company’s expenses
  • UBIS Heart Wave activity: Creating relaxation during breaks by playing music on request
  • Kaizen activity to reduce wastage and improve work continuously
  • Waste sorting project to campaign for environmental protection and extra income
  • UBIS market activity: Promotion of creating extra income, exchange of goods