Corporate social responsibility strategy

UBIS has established the policy on controlling the use of child labor by not employing child labor under the age of 18, including prohibiting the contractors and outsiders who work with UBIS from using child labor under the age of 18, along with available measures to strictly abide by labor laws. Throughout the past period of UBIS’s business operations, there has never been any labor dispute case.

UBIS has realized the importance and value of human resources by equal treatment in terms of employment and career advancement opportunities as well as emphasis and cooperation in hiring the workers in consistency with Thai labor standards or foreign labor standards that the customers practice and request by monitoring and providing transparent information to customers regularly. UBIS has valued human dignity and human rights by respecting differences in gender, race, religion, cultural background according to local domicile.

Social responsibility projects

The communities around UBIS are like good neighbors ready to help, collaborate in activities that promote peaceful coexistence. Thus, UBIS has consistently attached importance to various communities, such as listening to feedback of nearby companies, providing opportunities to meet with the executives to talk, discuss or visit the factories, which will lead to sustainable development, consisting of the following actions

1. Joining as a member of the Industrial Estate Entrepreneurs Club

The Industrial Estate Entrepreneurs Club is a grouping of operators in the estate for cooperation in helping, promoting collaboration and organizing activities beneficial to the communities.

2. Cooperation in supporting the Industrial Estate Authority

The Industrial Estate Authority is the government agency that supervises UBIS’s business operations. Therefore, UBIS has cooperated with the Industrial Estate Authority in various activities carried out for the communities, e.g. activities for the elderly in the communities, during Songkran festival, blood donation activities, Children’s Day activities, tree planting activities, mangrove forest planting, community sports activities, etc.

3. Educational support

For the communities that are further away from the industrial estate, e.g. schools in the districts or provinces, UBIS has provided educational support such as offering school supplies, scholarships, giving gifts for Children’s Day activities, organizing training activities for teachers and students on life skills so as to build social immunity for teachers or students to be strong, recognize their own development competencies and abilities to become an important force of the nation.

4. Student internship

UBIS has allowed the students living in the communities or employees’ children to do internship during semester breaks so as to jointly develop education with educational institutions, create opportunities to practice working skills and have extra income.

5. Hometown Reward Project

The UBIS family has employees with domiciles in several regions, who have contributed to UBIS’s growth. Employees have also progressed in their career. Employees can propose the projects to request budgetary support for developing their hometown communities. In 2019, UBIS created the Hometown Reward Project for employees by building an administration pavilion at Ban Nong Nok Khu School, Chum Phuang District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province for organizing school and community activities.