The organization has considered the factors contributing to delivery of sustainable business value, comprising:

Smart Partnership
Building sustainable relationships with business partners

Smart Operation
Using innovation for internal process development

Smart Innovation
Using innovation for product development

Smart Service
Using innovation for service

Sustainable development framework

UBIS has established the sustainability framework as guidelines for working, including creating understanding and involvement to have the same goals in the short and long term for delivering the value of “Smart protection for smart life” to stakeholders by covering economic, social and environmental dimensions as follows.

Sustainability FRAMEWORK

Sustainability strategy

– Building and developing sustainable relationships with customers, suppliers, employees to become good long-term business partners

– Creating Innovation pipeline for sustainable innovation development by fostering inspiration as well as providing an environment conducive to development

– Development of production processes by using automated technology and taking account of the impact on the environment

– Development of personnel and products to meet the needs of customers diversely


– Search for the expectations, needs of stakeholders, sharing knowledge, achieving joint development and effective customer relationship management

– Development of knowledge about innovation at the organizational level

– Availability of highly efficient, environmentally- friendly production processes. Zero waste rate

– Planning for business continuity, products and management up to standards and exceeding the customers’ expectations