1. Product quality

UBIS’s products are chemicals that are important components in the metal packaging manufacturing industry related to consumer goods. Moreover, UBIS’s products are sold directly to the industrial factories (Industrial Products), not sold to consumers (Consumer Products). Therefore, UBIS’s policy focuses on maintaining quality and product development as well as building relationships and cooperation to respond to customer needs mainly for sustainable long-term growth.

UBIS has the teams to take care of product quality. The available steps range from the start of planning for the production, during production and finishing the production. Every step includes thorough inspection by working as teams, which consist of a production planning team, a production team and a product quality inspection team with readiness to deliver quality products to both domestic and foreign customers.

2. Research for product quality development

Throughout the past 36 years, UBIS has carried out production with the policy of maintaining product quality (Quality of Product) and Continuous Improvement under ISO 9001-2015 quality management system. Furthermore, action is being taken to upgrade to ISO 14001 for covering involvement in environmental care. UBIS has restructured the research and development line to directly report to the managing director for flexibility and operating according to UBIS’s strategies. Foreign experts have acted as consultants to advise on the administration and development of the department for being a research and development unit comparable to other international research departments. The aims are to create new products as well as develop production processes to have a modern and efficient Business Model with technology and product development team that closely supervises research and development of product quality.