Water-based compound

Food Cans Compound

Food Cans Compound is designed specifically for food-contact applications, this sealant ensures a robust, leak-proof seal between the can and its ends. It plays a vital role in protecting food from contamination, preserving freshness, and extending shelf life, making it indispensable for maintaining the quality and safety of canned foods.

Eligible Packing Products:

  • Processed Food
  • Vegetables & Fruits
  • Meat & Fish
  • Milk & Derivatives
  • Tuna & Sardine in oil, salt, or in sauce
  • Corn beef
  • Pet food
  • Dry food, etc.
  • Food Cans Compound

    • Food Contact
    • Dry food, meat & vegetable, salty food are all eligible
    • Some products are suitable for oily food like Tuna-in-oil cans

    Food Compound
    S-788 / S-756 / S-780

    Grey Color

    Non-Fatty Acid Foods

    Round Can Ends Only

    Rectangle 51
    Food Compound
    Rectangle 51
    Drum Compound
    Rectangle 51
    PVC Plastisol

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