Water-based compound

Drum Compound

UBIS Water-Based Sealing Compounds for steel drums are crafted for sealing the seams of tight-end and bottom-end. These compounds comply with US FDA regulations and are free from heavy metals, making them safe for various industrial uses including food contact. They can be customized in terms of color, viscosity, and solids to meet different application requirements.

For pail covers or steel drum’s open lids: please see PVC Plastisol

Key Features:

  • Versatile Seaming Compatibility: Suitable for double or triple seam processes, enhancing seam integrity.
  • Nozzle-Lining Machine Ready: Easily applied with nozzle-lining machines for efficient coverage.
  • Pre-Pour or Wet-Seaming Options: Adaptable for both pre-pour and wet-seaming methods.
  • Air-Dryable Efficiency: Quick air-drying properties to speed up production processes.
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    Food Compound
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    Drum Compound
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    PVC Plastisol

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