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Coating Lacquer

Coating Lacquer

Our coatings are mostly solvent-based lacquers that are specially formulated for application to the substrate of metal packaging, such as tinplate, to prevent direct contact with air or the can’s contents. This essential barrier enhances the packaging’s durability and safety. 

External Lacquer Internal Lacquer Repair Lacquer

External Lacquer is applied to the external side of metal packaging, providing a resilient barrier against environmental damage, scratches, and corrosion.

Key Benefits:
  • Protects against scratches and environmental damage.
  • Serves decorative purposes, improving adhesion for inks and enhancing glossiness and color brightness.

Internal Lacquer is applied to the internal side of metal packaging, safeguarding against contamination and chemical reactions.

Key Benefits:
  • Prevents oxidation and corrosion, preserves product’s integrity.
  • Ensures no flavor transfer or discoloration, maintain quality.
  • Enhances the shelf life of food and beverage contents.

Repair Lacquer is applied to either internal or external side of metal packaging to repair damaged or compromised surfaces that were originally coated. This ensures the continuity of protection and the aesthetics of the packaging.

Key Benefits:
  • Restores protective barrier to prevent metal exposure and corrosion.
  • Ensures uniform appearance, maintaining the original look and quality of the packaging.
  • Fast-drying and efficient, suitable for quick application on production lines.
External Lacquer
Internal Lacquer
Repair Lacquer

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