In the metal packaging process, Aluminium coil stock, Tinplate or Tin Free Steal are being coated in the Lacquer Coating Line and lined with compound in the Compound Lining Machine bdrawn and/or redrawn, packaged, end-seamed by can ends. The production process could vary depending on types of metal packaging that commonly includes 3-pieces cans, 2-pieces efore the cans are slitted, DRD cans, DWI Beverage cans, and other general line cans. However, coating and compound sealing are the 2 constants in these metal packaging processes.


UBIS(ASIA) provides the sealing compound and lacquer chemicals in order to support coating and compound sealing process above for our can-maker customers. Additionally, we provide expert guidance on the best series of products that best suit our customers production line requirements including cooperation research and development of new product to ensure optimal solutions for each of our customers.

In UBIS(ASIA), we focus on providing superior services by maintaining close coordination with each of our customers to learn and support their needs as well as providing them with troubleshooting and technical services by our experienced Technical Service & Research and Development Team. Our company strive to maintain world class partnership with our customers via continuous innovation and expertise services.