Research and Development is the heart of UBIS(ASIA). Due to the fast-paced technological advancements of our generation as well as our customer everchanging needs, UBIS(ASIA) hence put the utmost importance in continuously enhancing and developing our products supported by our Research and Development team. Our R&D team main responsibilities are to test, experiment and analyze in order to come up with innovative and creative new ideas that would benefit our customers and pioneer our industry to the forefront of innovations. Striving for excellence, we have upheld 3 main prospects below:

Research For Enhancement of our Product quality
For more than 36 years, UBIS(ASIA) has operated upholding Quality of Product and Continuous Improvement in mind. Our company operations are approved by the globally known ISO 9001-2015, ISO14001 and ISO 45001 standards that covers environmental awareness and sustainability, hygiene practices and safety protocols. We have adjusted our operating structure for our research and development team to report directly to our management level in order to ensure agility and alignment with our overall company strategy and vision including enlisting the help of various expert consultants around the world to ensure best practices in our management as well as competitive growth in our research and development team in pioneering innovations within the industry. Furthermore, we have consistently review our operations to ensure an up to date, efficient and effective business model that are implemented together with our forefront technologies and products.

Knowledge Partnership
We strive to maintain close customer relationship with each of our customers to thoroughly understand the details in order to support fast and agile responses to each of their needs and requirements including ensuring on-time delivery as well as excellent technical services. Additionally, in order to ensure best suit solutions to our customer’s purposes in every step of the way, our Sales and R&D team focus on partnerships with our customers in research and development in order to derive the optimal and customized product that specifically answers to each of our customers’ varied specific requirements.

UBIS (ASIA) products are the main components used in the Metal Packaging industry that are related to consumer goods and industrial products however our products are not direct consumer goods. Therefore, UBIS(ASIA) policy strive towards quality management, product research & development as well as customer relationships management and partnerships in order to meet our customers’ needs that would bring about sustainable growth into the future. UBIS(ASIA) has a designated Quality Control team to ensure high quality products and excellent Professional Practice from the start to the end beginning with production planning, production operation and delivery of finished goods to our customers both domestically and globally.